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Hello, I'm Paulette Agnew, Director of Dru Ireland, Dru Meditation and Yoga teacher trainer, author, transformational mentor and coach. Here at Dru Ireland we have created programmes for empowerment, inspiration and friendship. We run yoga and meditation teacher training courses, workshops, 1:2:1 yoga, mentoring and coaching as well as offering online resources such as the Dru Yoga Online Studio and our online meditation course. We are passionate about positive health and wellbeing. 

Trauma Healing and Peace Facilitator, West Belfast

Dru has allowed me to find myself, give me my confidence and self esteem back , and has taught me to be still in this hectic life. My health and happiness have been multiplied amongst other things.

Dru Meditation

Dru Meditation will help you find that still place. It will bring peace when you are anxious. If you’re feeling exhausted, it will give you energy. Instead of rushing through the week with the hope of finding some peace at the weekend, learn how to tap into your own inner stillness each and every day.

We make your meditation journey enjoyable and on our courses you’ll make new like minded friends along the way. Even if you say, ‘but my mind never stops chattering’ then you are the perfect candidate and will benefit the most from learning to still your mind and become a master of it. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to sit cross legged on the floor in a cave wearing a loin cloth! Most likely you will choose to sit in a comfortable chair and take the simple but effective techniques with you to use at home or at work.

What does Dru mean?

Dru comes from the Sanscrit word dhruva, which refers to the stillness that can be experienced in Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation. In the stillness we are able to see and act from a point of clarity and inner calm.

What makes Dru Yoga special

Coby Langford - Dru Meditation in nature

Find your point of stillness wherever you are

Dru is a graceful and potent form of yoga, based on soft flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation. It is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, yet it can take you to any level of fitness you’d like.  But what many people appreciate about Dru is that anyone can do it, regardless of age, body shape or ability.

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Dru - the perfect antidote to stress

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Dru Yoga or Meditation: the perfect way to unwind

And for a happier, healthier YOU

Whether you have had a stressful day at home or at work or you have faced other challenges, a Dru Yoga or Meditation class is the perfect way to unwind and get back to you. Our Dru teachers will help you to strengthen your body and calm your mind resulting in a happier, healthier you. Using Energy Block Release sequences, classical yoga postures, Dru Yoga postures and sequences, breathing and meditation techniques and especially soothing relaxations we help you keep mind, body and soul healthy and in balance. 

​The Ireland team

 Paulette Agnew discovered the healing power of Dru Yoga in her late 20’s and has dedicated her life to teaching Dru Yoga and Meditation throughout the world for over 26 years. Paulette is an award winning international motivational speaker, author and specialist in stress management, peak performace and burn out recovery, working most often in the corporate field. Paulette’s passion is infectious and she loves sharing the skills and techniques towards personal and spiritual development, health and wellbeing and uplifting consciousness.

Sylvia Barrington is a fantastic Dru Meditation teacher and teacher trainer, head of the Dru Yoga Academy and Director of the Dru Yoga Therapy courses in the UK and Australia. Sylvia is a keen Vedic astrologer and enjoys helping people through exploring their natal horoscopes, which she makes available to her yoga students. Bribe her with a nice cuppa to discover her hidden talent for working with energy in your yoga postures to capture their secrets and fully optimise your practice.  

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Still wondering whether Dru is for you? Then come along to an introductory workshop (or a specially themed workshop) in a city near you. You’ll meet some of our top yoga teachers, experience Dru for yourself and begin to discover its many benefits. Paulette and Sylvia look forward to meeting you.

Dru Yoga, Dru Meditation, about Dru, Dru health, Dru research, Dru benefits, Dru Ireland

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