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Forests for Peace

Help the environment - one tree at a time

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Dru has teamed up with inspired landowners to plant forests for peace.

Plant a tree to help the planet and Dru’s ecological projects.


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Why Plant a Tree?

  • To offset your carbon footprint
  • To do your part in decreasing climate change
  • To help the planet and sustain biodiversity
  • To give the people you love an amazing carbon positive gift.

Your Trees...

  • Your tree will be planted in Herefordshire, on the border between England and Wales.
  • When you buy your trees you can make a personalised certificate with your own message of love.
  • Your first tree costs £15, and subsequent trees £11. This will be invested directly into projects reducing our carbon footprint (£1 for the admin). £5 goes directly to the planting and maintenance of your tree.
  • Trees are hand-planted using no chemicals, only love!

Forests for Peace​​​​​​​

Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries

The climate emergency is raising consciousness around the world. But awareness alone is not enough. Unless we take action the disconnect between humanity and the earth we share will only continue to grow. At this crucial time for the planet there is so much that we can do to bring unity and peace between the human race and the earth. That is why we started the Forests for Peace project at Dru.

Along with changing the way we live our lives, forest restoration is one of the most effective ways to turn the tides of the climate emergency. We are starting the new decade by giving back to the earth. We have teamed up with Dru friends who are landowners and we aim to plant thousands of trees per year. Join us in being the change!

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