Angela Baker

Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer, Australia

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Challenging Sun Sequence
Angela Baker   54 mins
This Sun Sequence has a couple of challenging variations to encourage those of us who would like... Read more...
The Sun Sequence with Angie
Angela Baker   33 mins
Get inspired and active with this dynamic Sun Sequence class. Today's class is based in the... Read more...
Quick energy boost and relax
Angela Baker   22 mins
We’d all love to know exactly what our purpose in life is and to have the strength and conviction to... Read more...
slow flow sun sequence -  angie baker
Angela Baker   45 mins
Welcome to this session with Angie, one of our wonderful Dru Yoga teacher trainers in Australia.... Read more...

Angela Baker

Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer, Australia
Angela Baker

Angela has been an environmental campaigner, educator, intrepid traveller and seeker. In all these endeavours, she has searched for the best tools to help people transform themselves and the world. Angela believes Dru is by far the most effective and enjoyable approach she has experienced. She loves that she can take students on a simple journey that leaves them feeling refreshed, inspired and changed!