Rika Lukac

Fertility Yoga & Dru Dance trainer

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Liver de-tox
Rika Lukac   2 mins
In this short session you’ll learn a fantastic movement to help you to support your liver, kidneys... Read more...
Rika - Dru Dance - Ode to the Earth
Rika Lukac   25 mins
Dru Dance is a beautiful fusion of yoga and dance. Often following a theme or energetic flow, these... Read more...

Rika Lukac

Fertility Yoga & Dru Dance trainer
Rika Lukac

Rika Lukac was based at the Dru Centre in Wales for seven years until she moved to the Netherlands.

While in Wales, she pioneered Dru Dance, designed the Welsh World Peace Flame Monument and the Dru Yoga book and worked as a Dru Yoga teacher. In the Netherlands she specialised in Fertility yoga, Orthomolecular nutrition and epigenetics. She now runs her own clinic, teaches fertility yoga in Europe and is author of the book Eat Breathe Conceive. Oh - she also became mother of two :-)

Having originally trained as an Architect Rika has a creative mind and a deep wanting to understand how the 'construction of the body’ works. Not just the physical aspect, but also the energetics behind it, down to DNA. Apart from being a mum, teacher and therapist she loves healthy food, a good laugh and visiting Wales whenever she can :-)