Core stability

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Core Stability

3 mins

Core stability is an important focus for you as Dru Yoga course students. Core is something we use in every class, workshop and course as it is vital for correct spinal alignment as well as supporting your students in their postural alignment outside of the class too.

When we refer to 'core stability' in the context of Dru Yoga we are implying the slight contaction and awareness of a few specific muscules within the lower and middle abdomen. Watch this video to find out where they are and how to find them - and then use them!

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Members' comments:

7 Jan, 2019
Anonymous3158's picture
Really helpful combination of visuals, teaching and simple exercises.
17 Oct, 2018
Anonymous2741's picture
Very useful to visually see them in action.
13 Mar, 2018
Anonymous786's picture
This is a great video illustrating core stability and showing the key muscles. I've used it again and again :)
13 Mar, 2018
Anonymous786's picture
This is a great video of core muscles which I've used again and again :)
9 Jul, 2016
Anonymous5556's picture
Great video, helped me to visualise the muscles and understand how they work.
18 Aug, 2015
Anonymous3758's picture
Fantastic video with great graphics that help explain core stability simply yet effectively. Thank you!


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