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Design Your Destiny

 -   & 
John Jones
42 mins

"You have all the power and the resources you need to achieve your highest dreams."

Andrew Wells and John Jones


In this session, created for you by two of Dru Yoga's most experienced founder tutors and narrated by Anouschka Dackyou will be using every movement and breath to focus on the qualities and resources needed to achieve your dreams. 

This class will include the following:

  • Activations
  • Energy Block Release 3 (Awakening the Heart)
  • Tree posture
  • Salutation to the Four Directions
  • Relaxation

The Activations - includes a general medley of twists, arm raises and full body tapping to loosen up the whole body and to energise and activate every part of you.

EBR 3 - includes the windmill scoop, the mirror twist, the anahata breath, ocean waves, heaven and earth stretch, the archer, a forward bend, the runner and the thunderbolt.  Follow Andrew as he executes the movements in a flowing and graceful manner. Set in a stunning location in Australia, enjoy the vista and listen carefully. With every breath and with every move you are guided and encouraged to reach for your dreams and to visualise success in your life.

The Tree - as you join Andrew in performing this posture, make sure you find the balance that is comfortable for you. Two versions are offered: the simple and the more advanced in this unique Dru version of the Tree posture which has been formulated to help add focus to your life, and inspiring you to fulfill your life dreams and goals.

The Four Directions - John Jones invites you to join him as he performs this flowing sequence along side the crashing waves of this stunning beach location in Australia.  Once again, as you reach out with your arms in each of the four directions, remember to claim your dreams for yourself. Add vibrancy and vitality to your aspirations and hope for the future with each breath you take. 

Relaxation - This Design Your Destiny class finishes with a deep relaxation, and a final call to experience that wonderful sense of satisfaction and completeness of having already achieved your dreams. Lie down and remind yourself that you are already a wonderful person who has achieved so much, feel proud and satisfied as you lie back and enjoy this relaxation!


Finally, what is an Energy Block Release sequence (EBR)?
In Dru Yoga, postures and individual movements are combined to create a dance like flow of movements that become a symphony we call an Energy Block Release sequence. Intertwined into these movements are visualisations, mudras and power statements that enhance and empower the over all experience of the student, helping us to dissolve and release any energy that has become stagnated or stuck. They are sequences that work on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

(and thanks to Jordan Scotney for his beautiful relaxation music!)


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Members' comments:

26 Jun, 2018
Anonymous4281's picture
Loved this class
25 Apr, 2018
Anonymous265's picture
Lovely class and combination of activations and sequences. I will use this to teach a class focusing on vijnanamaya kosha...perfect, thank you xx
21 Mar, 2018
Anonymous196's picture
Brilliant and exactly what I was looking for at this time, wanted EBR3 and salutation to 4 directions, thought I would have to check out 2 seperate vidoes, but no its one class....Thank you all x
31 May, 2017
Anonymous9680's picture
Brilliant loved this class. (Using my tablet so that I could join in with this class) beautiful scenery and great for a beginner to Dru yoga. Shall be coming back to this class regularly. :-)
6 Mar, 2017
Anonymous2914's picture
Loved it, love, love loved it. The scenery was breathtaking too.
23 Nov, 2016
Anonymous6731's picture
Very empowering to set a goal and make it happened, the movement definitely help to focuse on the goal and as we say energy follow thoughts and movements :)
2 Jul, 2016
Anonymous177's picture
Thank you, I love the energy and graceful flowing movement in this class, the words too xx
2 Apr, 2016
Anonymous5180's picture
Many thank-you's. Your powerful languaging and beautiful words allowed me to create a real sense of achievement. I really loved this version of Salutation to the 4 Directions - I really 'got it'this time!
1 Mar, 2016
Anonymous2914's picture
Wow! Loved this, one of the most powerful online classes I have done. The pace, location and instructions were spot on for me. I am left feeling calm, balanced and at peace. Thank you.
7 Jan, 2016
Anonymous250's picture
Lovely Anouschka. Love the idea of someone doing it while there is a commentary. Very empowering andsoothing, love the background music and the location. Well done team Thank you
29 Nov, 2015
Anonymous1966's picture
Wow that was so lovely. Thank you.
27 Nov, 2015
Anonymous204's picture
Very beautiful and powerful. Thank you.
14 Nov, 2015
Anonymous1685's picture
I LOVED this session! Anouschka You have a lovely voice, and the words used were very empowering. This is my favourite one so far!!!
11 Nov, 2015
Anonymous5090's picture
Excellent, empowering, life affirming. Thank you dru team.


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