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Dru Dance Series: Class 1 - Becoming the Flame

60 mins

Introducing Dru Dance!

Jes has a selection of great activations to get you fit and motivated. Discover EBR 3 (Awakening the Heart) as a dynamic flow as preparation for the first part of the Dru Dance ‘Becoming the Flame’. This Dru Dance is a great new way to explore the warrior-based postures with flow and dynamism with an emphasis on light and power.

After you’ve worked your physical body hard, now enjoy a great deep relaxation leaving you full of re-vitalising energy.


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Members' comments:

17 Jan, 2019
Anonymous2847's picture
Thank you Jess - I adore this and it's a real part of my whole healing and where Mansukh advised me to go with my practice and surya Namaskara daily chanting. Can't wait to do part 2!
1 Jan, 2016
Anonymous5296's picture
24 Nov, 2015
Anonymous3133's picture
Hi Dear Jess, Beginning to slowly teach this Beauty to my students!One of the them said she's been waiting for this since being introduced to Dru several years ago. XO
3 Jan, 2015
Anonymous3313's picture
Thank you Jes! Becoming the Flame is my favourite one. After this my back does again what I want.
4 Mar, 2013
Anonymous271's picture
I really enjoyed this - where is part 3? i modified it a bit and made a dance up to "Skyfall" my husband was very impressed.
2 Nov, 2012
Anonymous301's picture
Beautifully instructed, thanks Jess. Looking forward to part 3!
25 Sep, 2012
Anonymous2093's picture
desparate for part 3 PLEASE XXXX
22 Sep, 2012
Anonymous1788's picture
Thanks Jess I really enjoyed this class and I feel brilliant after it :-) [I thought the music was nice]
16 Apr, 2012
Anonymous1402's picture
Thank you Jess, I am AD09 so have had just a smidgeon of you Dru dance there but been unable to attend any more. This is a wonderful way of getting to be a part of that with it's great energy. love & light Linda
2 Apr, 2012
Anonymous301's picture
Lovely, thank you! Yes, more dru dance would be great to aquire that gracefulness.
17 Mar, 2012
Anonymous2059's picture
I enjoyed doing on line yoga! lovely dance and clear instructions!! Thanks
9 Mar, 2012
Anonymous204's picture
A beautiful flame glowing in my heart and strength permeating my body. Good, clear instructions with safety at the forefront. Thank you, love the dance!
27 Feb, 2012
Anonymous361's picture
lovely dance, beautiful flow, enjoyed it. thank you. wendy faulknall
12 Feb, 2012
Anonymous2041's picture
Beautiful! Thanks!
10 Feb, 2012
Anonymous1676's picture
Beautiful Jess! That was fun and left a lovely, light feeling in my heart. Thank you :)
7 Feb, 2012
Anonymous1954's picture
Love this video!!!!! I felt like I was there thank you Jess for the beautiful instructions I feel as if I have a whole new understanding and appreciation of Dru Dance.
5 Feb, 2012
Anonymous2080's picture
Thanks Jess for this nice introduction to Dru Dance. I've been yawning a lot during this lesson, releasing...


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