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Heaven & Earth Mudra Sequence for Total Balance

30 mins

Discover how to bring your body back into it's natural harmonic balance with this magnificent sequence based on the elements and the natural forces that govern our planet.

When we are in tune, we flow with life, have radiant health and a calm clear mind.

Mudras are specialised hand gestures that help to balance the elements in our body as well as super-charge our electro magnetic field.

This Heaven & Earth Sequence will bring the whole of you into your natural state of health and wellbeing. It begins with a short activation programme and moves into the sequence using specific mudras to balance water, earth, ether and fire with the power of the heart. Stand in your power and enjoy total chakra alignment.


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Members' comments:

20 May, 2019
Anonymous168's picture
A lovely sequence, thank you.
3 May, 2019
Anonymous12989's picture
Very beautiful, thank you. In de video you are talking about a higher heart rate and I did feel that during the sequence. Can you explain why that happens?
3 Sep, 2018
Anonymous4664's picture
What an amazing gentle but powerful sequence. I loved the mudras added what a beautiful gift you have shred with me. Thank you Julia s
6 Jun, 2018
Anonymous2955's picture
Thank you for the explanation of how the elements relate to each finger and for guiding us through this delightful sequence. [Thank you Mouli sharing it with us]. It makes for a wonderful start to the day. Namaste
23 Oct, 2017
Anonymous6193's picture
This sequence is settling me beautifully after 2 months of travel...thank you Lalita.
12 Feb, 2017
Anonymous387's picture
So, so beautiful. Thank you Laleita. Much love. Om Shanti.
10 Jan, 2017
Anonymous63's picture
Ooooo! This is simple, yet so elegant. Loving the warm up bit for the hands......
5 Jan, 2017
Anonymous128's picture
Absolutely loved it. Thank you.
3 Jan, 2017
Anonymous2180's picture
Delightful, grace, flow, inner strength, connection... thank you Lalita... timeless present
5 Nov, 2015
Anonymous2330's picture
Lovely sequence so powerful yet so balanced and calm feeling connected to the earth and the stars above me... thank you x
24 Sep, 2015
Anonymous2914's picture
Just so lovely, more please.xxxx
7 Feb, 2015
Anonymous1957's picture
That was magical Lalita. Power with gentleness & awareness. Enjoyed immensely & as always perfect choice for me at this moment. x
18 Jan, 2015
Anonymous2488's picture
Wow, almost all of that was new to me. As a teacher, I am always looking for new inspiration, so this was great. The natural grace in Lalita's slow pace is exquisite... entrancing. Thank you!
23 May, 2013
Anonymous331's picture
Powerful and beautiful. Thank you.
8 Dec, 2012
Anonymous1321's picture
beautiful sequence and Indian dance.
26 Nov, 2012
Anonymous1211's picture
A beautiful sequence which I shall most certainly learn by heart and I really enjoyed the description and explanation by Lalita. Thank yo.
22 Oct, 2012
Anonymous1992's picture
Very touching to realise I haven't felt in touch with my inner strenght for quite a while.
13 Mar, 2012
Anonymous204's picture
Lovely with great power and mindfullness. I agree with Daine, hands close to body need clearer instruction...hard to see. Thanks.
11 Feb, 2012
Anonymous95's picture
beautiful sequence and good refresher, but needed more definition when hands against the body, not easy to see hand movements.
31 Jan, 2012
Anonymous305's picture
Life enhancing! Fantastic! I feel balanced and grounded. Thank you
10 Jan, 2012
Anonymous1588's picture
lovely sequence beautifully presented. thank you
10 Dec, 2011
Anonymous1780's picture
beautiful sequence! thank you! Claartje
20 Nov, 2011
Anonymous2050's picture
Loved it, thank you
12 Nov, 2011
Anonymous1993's picture
What a joyous calm centred feeling - thank you Lalita. :)
6 Nov, 2011
Shakti's picture
Just beautiful I am a teacher here in Victoria Aus and this is a new sequence and so graciously taught, really connected me into this earth on a warm windy day here! Thank you OM
31 Oct, 2011
Anonymous1990's picture
what a beautiful beautiful lesson... THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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