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How do I discover my purpose?

6 mins

Have you ever thought about your purpose in life? About why we are here and what we are meant to do with our lives?

In this short video Mansukh introduces to us a practical toolkit to help us start answering these big questions. Looking at your goals and dreams doesn't have to be big and scary - it can be a simple, one step at a time process. The key is to find out WHY we're here, what it is that makes our heart sing and our eyes light up with passion and enthusiasm - the rest is then a matter of planning!


Top Tip: Have a notebook and pen as you watch through this video. Remember to pause and think - give yourself permission to dream big and explore the huge potential inside of you.


Comment below how you get on!


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Members' comments:

8 Jan, 2019
Anonymous5457's picture
A helpful reminder to stay true to myself in my mission.
2 Jan, 2019
Anonymous10323's picture
Thank you so much Mansukh for explaining it in such a simple way. This really helps a lot. What a precious gift on my birthday!
2 Jan, 2019
Anonymous10323's picture
Thank You Mansukh for this simple way of explaining! And, that on my birthday today! What a precious gift!
2 Jan, 2019
Anonymous1134's picture
A really helpful video, thank you Mansukh
2 Jan, 2019
Anonymous1957's picture
I love it when things are said simply and Mansukh speaks so beautifully, that I have no trouble in understanding and believing it to be so! Appreciate and loved the wisdom. Happy New Year!


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