Meditation for inner balance

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Meditation for Inner Balance

14 mins

Take time to relax and centre your body and mind.

You can use this short, 20 minute meditation to find a place of deep stillness and inner balance. It is particularly effective if you are busy or stressed, or if you need to create a bit more space around you.

Vertical Alignment Meditation

  1. Sit comfortably
  2. Relax the physical body
  3. Breath awareness
  4. Earth connection
  5. Clear, transparent mind
  6. Letting go of thoughts
  7. Vertical Alignment breath
  8. Rest in peaceful awareness
  9. Filling the body with light
  10. Reawakening the body

About John Jones

John Jones is one of the founders of Dru UK and is one of main faces you'll see at our Dru Centre in North Wales. As well as being a senior teacher trainer, John is also our Site Manager and a retreat leader, as well as directing Dru's finance and legal sections.

John Jones

John Jones profile video 
Find out more about John Jones and volunteering with Dru in this short video.






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Members' comments:

12 Mar, 2019
Anonymous12781's picture
Loved it :)
31 Jan, 2019
Anonymous214's picture
A wonderful, amazing meditation, thank you John xxx
22 Jan, 2019
Anonymous1134's picture
Such a beautiful, peaceful meditation bringing inner stillness and balance - thank you.
11 May, 2018
Anonymous10's picture
Thank you everyone for your comments on this wonderful meditation with John. It's been a joy to film and get to know John over the years. As an international teacher trainer you see the impeccable wisdom and depth of knowledge that is shared through his teachings. And then you see the other side... Humble, compassionate, giving and kind. Personally, I think he lives by the motto: Before enlightenment chop wood... after enlightenment chop wood. Although I think in his case it might be to clear the drains ;-) Thank you John for sharing with us.
4 May, 2018
Anonymous5296's picture
Beautiful - thank you - just what I needed this morning x
30 Mar, 2018
Anonymous4268's picture
Thank you John lovely meditation, just beautiful.
26 Mar, 2018
Anonymous9451's picture
I have really been trying to practice this meditation as much as possible John. It really is one of the best for me and so easy to follow. A nice little do-able chunk of time. Thank you
20 Mar, 2017
Anonymous177's picture
Thank you so much John. Wonderful. X
28 Jan, 2017
Anonymous5936's picture
Just the ticket today. Thank u J. In love & peace
26 Jan, 2017
Anonymous2659's picture
Thank you John. I am inspired to base the upcoming term of classes around this meditation practice. As a group we can become familar, consolidate and make it personal :) Shirley, Canberra Australia
4 Dec, 2016
Anonymous1713's picture
John. What a clear and grounding meditation. Thanks. As this is one of the free meditation I Will use it as a taster for my Dru yogi's and inspire them to join Dru online studio. Thanks Tilly from netherlands
29 Oct, 2016
Anonymous573's picture
Wonderful! Just what I needed. Thank you. :)
22 Oct, 2016
Anonymous1836's picture
aahhh. a peaceful space within me..lovely. Thank you x
21 Oct, 2016
Anonymous535's picture
Have been using this guided meditation for a few weeks now, with beautiful calming results, adding some mudras to enhance the experience, depending on my needs. The pacing and tone of voice is perfect. Thank you John! More please!
24 Sep, 2016
Anonymous2330's picture
Beautiful meditation after my yoga today. Thank you.
20 Sep, 2016
Anonymous1162's picture
Thank you John for sharing this beautiful meditation. It is like wrapping myself in a warm blanket. Lucy
17 Sep, 2016
Anonymous1957's picture
Thanks John, I tapped into my inner stillness and it was really nice! Robyn
17 Sep, 2016
Anonymous1233's picture
A beautiful meditation - I am now ready for the day. Thank you. Jenni
14 Sep, 2016
Anonymous2914's picture
Just, lovely.
13 Sep, 2016
Anonymous1954's picture
This was a wonderful meditation feel so grounded to start my day - Michelle


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