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Meditation for Relieving Anxiety

7 mins

Join Dru Meditation teacher, Jane Saraswati Clapham for this short and refreshing outdoor meditation class set in the glorious surroundings of Snowdonia.
Ideally this is a meditation best practiced out in nature, seated on the quiet earth, on a mountainside, beach, by a lake or under a tree in the park. However, if this is not possible then simply find a comfortable place to sit, whether it is on a chair in a quiet corner of the office, on the settee in the living room on on the floor - just get comfortable, and take the phone off the hook for a few minutes!

Earth meditation

The main emphasis for this short visualisation is to imagine that the earth beneath you is stable, still, strong and supporting you. Breathe in the powerful still earth and use 'her' strength to still your mind. 

Add these empowering affirmations:

'I choose to feel secure.'

'I let go of any feelings of anxiety.'

'I am supported by the quiet strength of the earth beneath me.'

'All is well.'

This meditation also includes the powerful 'earth breathing technique' and a mudra for courage. So, whatever is causing you anxiety today, stop what  you are doing and tune in to a calmer, still place that actually does exist inside you. You just need to know where to look!

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Members' comments:

1 Jun, 2017
Anonymous9680's picture
Thank you Jane really needed this lovely meditation today.
19 Apr, 2016
Anonymous193's picture
Beautiful, thank you Jane.
5 Apr, 2016
Anonymous5857's picture
Thanks Jane. I have just joined today and this was my first video. Having been off work since last July and needing support, this was a perfect beginning to try and regain energy and take back some control.
26 Mar, 2016
Anonymous1110's picture
Lovely Jane, Thank you. This left me feeling very calm
26 Mar, 2016
Anonymous5259's picture
This is a great meditation. Thank you
11 Mar, 2016
Anonymous4772's picture
This is SO going to help a young lady coming to me shortly with anxiety problems - her doctor has 'recommended yoga' - ha - good doctor!! Thank you so much - Yoga Sally
25 Feb, 2016
Anonymous2820's picture
This was lovely, thank you. Carly x
23 Feb, 2016
Anonymous435's picture
Thank you Jane and Dru yoga for posting this as a freely available resource. Such a lovely, short, accessible meditation practice that could be done anywhere, anytime to bring calm into one's day.


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