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Relaxation 10 mins

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Enjoy this short, 10 minute relaxation with its focus on increasing both physical and mental energy, vitality and dynamism.  This relaxation is suitable as part of your yoga practice or when you have 10 minutes to spare throughout the day.


Anouschka will lead you through this relaxation:

  • Lying on the floor, making yourself comfortable and adjusting your body as needed to help you settle
  • Focusing on the breath to ‘let go’ and settle
  • Tensing and relaxing the body to settle deeper and become ‘still’
  • Drawing on the affirmation: ‘I am filled with energy, passion and dynamism’
  • Completing your relaxation with the affirmation: ‘I will be filled with energy, vitality for the rest of the day’
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Members' comments:

23 Feb, 2019
Anonymous7602's picture
This was so lovely, just what I needed after a sweaty vinyasa practice. I now love combining dru with other modalities! The Dru relaxations are just the best.
12 Nov, 2018
Anonymous10's picture
Hi friends, thanks so much for your comments about this relaxation :-) It's wonderful to see just how many people use this class regularly! Please please, take time to nurture and replenish yourself. It may feel selfish - but it's not - it simply means you can give of your self better and with more love and compassion. Enjoy!
5 Nov, 2018
Anonymous9740's picture
Thank you Anoushka. This is a fantastic short relaxation. Muchly appreciated.
3 Nov, 2018
Anonymous12381's picture
Particularly helpful to have an energising affirmation to use. Found I was able to do this relaxation in the middle of the day for an extra boost. Thank you.
28 Oct, 2018
Anonymous4601's picture
Thank you for this short relaxation class. It is amazing how your body can react in just 10 minutes. I will definitely put this in my favourites. Namaste. Xx
12 May, 2018
Anonymous177's picture
Lovely relaxation after your dynamic class, thank you Anouschka xx
11 May, 2018
Anonymous10's picture
Hey - so pleased you're enjoying this class so much. Just a little often... It's consistency that will take you to your goal. Pop this video into your favourites - and even if you can't do a full practice today, try to do just 10 minutes of relaxation.
4 May, 2018
Anonymous106's picture
Thank you -really lovely to have a relaxation just randomly in my day - usually for me as a teacher I attachment them to the end of a sequence or session or to the end of my day to help my body and mind gently slow down at the end of the day but enjoyed this as a stand alone. Always love your voice Anouschka- very soothing
3 May, 2018
Anonymous2847's picture
I am now full of energy and enthusiasm to face a challenging day ahead but with a new dynamism, thank you Cat x
2 May, 2018
Anonymous244's picture
Thanks Anoushka, just what I needed.
7 Nov, 2017
Anonymous10's picture
Hey Kerrie! We didn't have so much time for relaxing on the course so yes - use this one regularly to settle and nurture yourself! Good luck with your next phase with all those amazing kids and teens you're inspiring! Anouschka x
6 Nov, 2017
Anonymous6017's picture
Thank you Anoushka. Loved the relaxations you shared with us on the Kids and Teens so I can invite you into my living room and experience it again anytime x
21 Sep, 2017
Anonymous10's picture
Thank you for your comments - I can't believe how many of you use this so regularly! It's perfect as a completion for your yoga session or if you just need something short and sweet :-) Enjoy.
11 Sep, 2017
Anonymous2817's picture
Loved this relaxation Anouschka. Just what I needed and a very practical 10 min length. You have a lovely soothing voice.
31 Mar, 2017
Anonymous1134's picture
Lovely energising relaxation - just what I needed before I head out and teach my class. Thank you Anoushka.
15 Dec, 2016
Anonymous4662's picture
Thank you Anoushka. Lovely relaxation, just what I needed today before stepping into a very full day. And thank you for your work with Dru Online I love it. Love that those us on the other side of the world can benefit from your gifts, and those of other senior teachers.


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