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The Art of Meditation Series

25 mins

Chris takes you on a meditative journey to the heart. Focusing on joy while breathing into the heart plexus, you will experience gratitude and reverence for life.

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Members' comments:

11 Jan, 2016
Anonymous1233's picture
Thank you Chris. This was such a powerful meditation and has simply open my heart to gratitude. Thank you for showing me the door.
20 Jul, 2014
Anonymous1957's picture
A beautiful way to start my day....I am grateful!
30 Jun, 2014
Anonymous1954's picture
Thank you Chris I found this meditation wonderful to focus on my breath to connect to my heart space just beautiful. Would love more of your meditations please Namaste Michelle
24 Feb, 2013's picture
Thank you Chris this is so amazing - are you going to do more meditation - maybe even some mantra? Love and Light to your precious heart - Namaste x
30 Aug, 2012
Anonymous1402's picture
Hello Chris & everyone, I was totally enjoying the waves of breath I was making unil I got into the two part breath & find I have pain in the back of my upper chest where the joy & light are meant to go, so had to stop here. It is the same pain I feel sometimes on doing chair of the heart movement. Has anyone else experienced this or got any tips for moving through this. Thanks
10 Jul, 2012
Anonymous1402's picture
Beautiful session thanks
23 Jun, 2012
Anonymous318's picture
Well, I was in a very nice contemplative state as Chris suggested, when loud and jangly Dru theme music kicked in! Would it be possible to omit the theme music or does it serve a purpose? Also, my i-pad (using Skyfire) won't allow me to skip past the introduction the second time around on any of these three meditation sessions. Any other i-pad users finding this? Any solutions? Otherwise thank you very much. These sessions are really effective. :-)
13 Jun, 2012
Anonymous2050's picture
Thanks Chris, loved all 3 classes


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