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The Art of Meditation Series: Class 1

30 mins

Learn from a meditation master the sacred art of meditation.

Relaxation is the key to meditation. If you can relax, your nervous system will settle, the heart rate will slow down, the breathing will deepen, and gradually you will enter into a beautiful quiet place.

Meditation class contents

Understanding the mind

Explanation of the nature of the mind using the classical bowl analogy.

How to sit

Explanation of correct sitting position in a chair...

How to sit continued

... And on the floor.

Relaxation meditation
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Members' comments:

11 Feb, 2015
Anonymous3184's picture
It has been my husbands first experience of meditation. He thoroughly enjoyed it. It is fantastic how the physical was so well explained. What a lovely man to listen to. Thanks
6 Dec, 2014
Anonymous2996's picture
I've done the Dru Meditation course but really enjoyed that beautifully presented session
20 Jul, 2014
Anonymous1957's picture
beautifully presented in a soft, gentle manner with a voice to sooth. I feel relaxed, thankyou. x
5 Jan, 2013
Anonymous158's picture
I often experience difficulty in settling body and mind but found that place really quickly during this session. Namaste Chris, Jx
11 Jun, 2012
Shakti's picture
a reminder, thank you and bless you
6 May, 2012
Anonymous1937's picture
Thank you Chris. Very helpful,clear and simple to follow and understand.
2 May, 2012's picture
Brilliant - thank you, thank you, thank you


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