Dru Power Sequence

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The Dru Power Sequence

64 mins

The Dru Power Sequence is perfect for those occasions when you want a real boost of energy to ignite all your inner fires!

Feel radiant, confident and empowered as your open the channels of internal energy pathways. Christiane will take you through a series of movements to help you warm up and follows this with a series of specific body prep movements that will support and enhance the main sequence you will do.

The Dru Power Sequence is designed to open you at three main levels. The first level is opening the floodgates between heaven and earth and drawing energy to the heart – the master healer and seat of compassion. This moves to the second level where the warrior poses activate the lower 3 chakras, the mooladhara, swadhisthana and manipura and draw their energy up toward the heart centre. The Crane pose pours the energy higher again from the base towards the crown and prepares you for level 3 which involves the ‘Circles of Awakening’ that activate the whole 8 main energy centres and allow you to totally re-charge mind, body and soul.

On a physical level this sequence will stimulate the digestive system, tone the thighs mobilise the spine and stretch the sides of the body. On a subtle level this sequence can act like a ‘remover of obstacles', helping you face any challenges that lie ahead of you. In this video, the sequence is strengthened further with powerful affirmations that empower the vijnanamaya kosha (intellectual layer). Christiane will then take you through a well deserved relaxation.

Dance into tomorrow with renewed strength, vitality and courage!


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Members' comments:

9 Apr, 2019
Anonymous12326's picture
A wonderful class, thank you!! Please could you tell me what that lovely song is that was playing as Christiane demonstrated the power sequence? Thank you again, brilliant preparation for my class tomorrow!
12 Nov, 2018
Anonymous10's picture
Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments on this fantastic class with Christiane :-) It's great to feel stretched and empowered by yoga that brings you into a place of feeling "powerful" and in command of your self and the world around you. If you'd like more with Christiane - check out her other classes here: https://druyoga.com/yoga-online/class-tutor/christiane-saar
5 Nov, 2018
Anonymous142's picture
Thank you for the clarity and focus and for the lovely relaxation at the end. wonderful x
1 May, 2018
Anonymous11520's picture
Thanks Christine your teaching is very clear. It was a wonderful session
24 Feb, 2018
Anonymous5938's picture
Thank you Christiane - lovely sequence, really clear and easy to follow. Love how you broke down sections and included them in the activations and body preps. :) feel great!
17 Feb, 2018
Anonymous5481's picture
Thanks Christiane. We have just learned the Dru Power Sequence in our teacher training module and this was a great refresher. Your teaching is excellent, clear and well paced. I love this sequence, it is so empowering!!
1 Sep, 2017
Anonymous5296's picture
Loved doing this class this morning - thank you! I feel confident, strong & energised. Brilliant!
22 Feb, 2017
Anonymous223's picture
Amazing! This has just totally revitalised me. Woo hoo x
21 Feb, 2017
Anonymous6364's picture
Thank you Christiane, powerful, graceful, rejuvenating, relaxing, technical tips whilst still flowing. DRU at its best.
15 Feb, 2017
Anonymous5936's picture
I am loving the Dru power sequence which we started in the class in the new year & I have continued it in home practice as I really need courage & strength to get me through the next few weeks. Namaste & peace :-) x
10 Feb, 2017
Anonymous1080's picture
A Master Class Christiane! Perfect to experience and perfect to learn from x
1 Jan, 2017
Anonymous4268's picture
Thank you Christiane, A beautiful session to help me feel strong and steady, one to be added to my favourites. Xx
19 Sep, 2016
Anonymous263's picture
Fabulous programme Christiane. Love the flow through the activations and body preps. Thank you x
21 Jun, 2016
Anonymous5766's picture
Thank you Christiane - I am all powered up, ready for anything! Will be returning to this again & again - huge thanks ;)
20 Jan, 2016
Anonymous63's picture
Re watching this sequence as I am going to teach it between now and Easter time. Nice reminder.....refresher. Thanks
13 Jan, 2016
Anonymous177's picture
Fabulous , thank you Christiane x
18 Nov, 2015
Anonymous435's picture
Thank you Christiane. What a great class to start the day - I'm feeling completely energised. And a great support tool for me as a Dru teacher preparing to teach the Dru Power Sequence to my classes. Wonderful!
20 Sep, 2015
Anonymous4012's picture
I really love this power sequence :-)the activation and preparations are really flowing very nice into the power sequence itself! Thanks Raphke
28 Aug, 2015
Anonymous4584's picture
Thanks for this beautiful sequence - really clear instructions.
30 Jul, 2015
Anonymous301's picture
A superb video, Christianne. Beautiful flowing warm ups and great preparation for the sequence. Thank you.
23 Jul, 2015
Anonymous387's picture
Love this demonstration Christiane. The activations are great, & your instructions getting into and out of the 'twisty' bit is very clear. Trying to remember from our training & reading the notes is a challenge, but your demonstration makes it easy...well easier! Such a great way to start the day filled with energy. I hope to meet you one day. Cath xx
11 Jul, 2015
Anonymous1233's picture
Feel ready for anything! I loved the way that right from the start everything flowed together, from activations getting us ready for the movements of the power sequence. The demonstration was so beautiful to watch - thank you Christiane.
5 Jul, 2015
Anonymous3702's picture
Thank you Christiane - feeling strengthened & revitalized! Great sequence, loved it. :)


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