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The Vitality Sequence

 -   & 
Anouschka Dack
45 mins

Welcome to one of the most exciting sequences in the Dru Yoga library, the Vitality Sequence. It is a powerful method to open the gateway to the energy source deep within you. Be prepared to be fully stretched and mobilised in all directions! Let go of tiredness, lethargy and despondency! It is the panacea to boost energy!
Once you have completed your warm up, the Bhima and the Gate postures will act as preparation for the Vitality sequence itself.

The Bhima Posture
The Bhima posture strengthens your legs and opens the chest. It begins the process of freeing and balancing the lower centres of Mooladhara, Swadhisthana and Manipura. These 3 energy centres are the main primal emotional centres that govern fear, attachment and ego. In the western world these centres are particularly weak due to the fast, competitive world and stressful lifestyle we often experience. By working with this posture on a regular basis, you will begin to turn the tide on these emotions and allow these centres to work for you and not against you.

The Gate Posture
The Gate posture focuses on a great stretch to the adductor muscles as well as opening up the sides of the torso. With this posture you can go deeper into the muscles of the body as well as free some of those deeper emotions. It also helps the liver, gall bladder and pancreas to rejuvenate and relax.
The Vitality Sequence
There are 3 stages to this sequence that act like a canal barge going through the gates from one area to another!

> Stage 1: Warrior and Bhima
The journey of energy combustion begins. This part of the sequence opens up the heart and upper body and acts like a magnet, that will help clear any emotion that is released in what follows. The lower energy centres are open as you move into the warrior. Then the spine and torso as a whole are gently manipulated to free the cerebospinal fluid and any tightness in the back.
> Stage 2: The Gate
This allows the lower body to remain still whilst the torso is mobilised from side to side, enabling us to free the rib cage, massaging the liver, gallbladder. The extended leg position, further opens the lower energy centres that work with transforming fear into courage, attachment to freedom of emotion, and anger to acceptance.

> Stage 3: The Bowing Tiger
This is the pinnacle of the sequence. It is designed to open up the master healer of them all - the Hrit Chakra. As you raise the leg behind you and simultaneosly lower your chest/chin to the floor, squeezing the shoulder blades together at the back, it allows an extraordinary opening in the heart of the heart – the location of the Hrit centre. As you bow forward, like water pouring into a glass, unwanted emotions move up from the base centres and pour into the Hrit where theyare naturally and mysteriously transformed - and an experience of deep healing can take place.
When both sides are complete you will then enjoy a relaxation, resting on the earth. You can imagine that you are with Ruth, on the top of the mountain, basking in the warmth of the sun and letting go of all your worries. Ahhh I can see you now!

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Members' comments:

12 Jun, 2019
Anonymous11250's picture
Ruth and Anouschka, thank you for this gorgeous sequence, Jez and I loved it. See you next month at the walking retreat xx
11 Mar, 2019
Anonymous11501's picture
I was looking for a lesson on the Vitality sequence which was fine and the relaxation was exceptionally good, after a challenging day.
8 Jan, 2019
Anonymous4474's picture
Really enjoyed this class, just what i needed. Relaxing and energising.
22 Nov, 2018
Anonymous4601's picture
Thank you so much for this beautiful class. I really enjoyed it. One of my favourites xx
13 Mar, 2018
Anonymous786's picture
Thank You, Ruth ! A very well structured, easy-to-follow and powerful class. Loved the relaxation ... :)
15 Jan, 2018
Anonymous10's picture
Hi everyone - a great class to energise body and mind! The music in the relaxation is by our very own Jane Saraswati Clapham - and you can buy it here: as a CD or MP3
15 Jan, 2018
Anonymous177's picture
Thank you Ruth, a sequence I love and body preps which enhance the whole class xx
21 Nov, 2017
Anonymous5600's picture
I loved this class today. The music in the relaxation is lovely. Is it available to buy?
1 Aug, 2017
Anonymous301's picture
Thank you, that's lifted my energy for another great day.
6 Jun, 2017
Anonymous9844's picture
My first Dru yoga experience ..very relaxing ..loved it ..thank you
5 Jun, 2017
Anonymous9680's picture
Absolutely brilliant loved this class, will do it every day. :-)
2 Apr, 2017
Anonymous3045's picture
Thank you - a really wonderful class, and a great activation sequence-
14 Mar, 2017
Anonymous2330's picture
Love this revitalizing class. Just what I need today between teaching. Thank you.
9 Dec, 2016
Anonymous177's picture
Such a revitalising way to begin Friday. Loved revisiting this sequence and learning new warm ups. Thank you xx
10 Jun, 2016
Anonymous4361's picture
Beautifully taught class, Ruth - I was able to follow with ease and hardly had to look at the screen - I loved all of the breath cues; also, wonderfully structured. I look forward to doing this class again.
20 Apr, 2016
Anonymous5798's picture
What a truly beautiful class I feel stretched, relaxed an energised - no mean feat! Thank you so much x
23 Mar, 2016
Anonymous1606's picture
Loved the warm ups and how it prepared my body in a great way for the sequence. The relaxation at the end was heavenly, thank you Ruth and Anouschka xx
10 Jan, 2016
Anonymous1110's picture
Just done this class in my hotel room in Tenerife with the waves crashing onto the beach. Loved this routine☺ thank you
4 Jan, 2016
Anonymous5296's picture
Lovely... we did this in my dru yoga class today and just wanted to do it again... thank you
15 Sep, 2015
Anonymous2914's picture
26 Aug, 2015
Anonymous2026's picture
thoroughly enjoyed that class
19 Aug, 2015
Anonymous2996's picture
Beautiful class. Thank you
30 Jun, 2015
Anonymous1954's picture
Really amazing class feel so back to me thank you x
17 Jun, 2015
Anonymous4361's picture
such a wonderful, full and beautifully taught class. thank you.
16 May, 2015
Anonymous535's picture
Love this super class with a very well planned generous warm up! Thank you Ruth and ?Jane for the voice over.
28 Apr, 2015
Anonymous2914's picture
Just ace, wishing I was in beautiful Wales practicing right next to you.
23 Apr, 2015
Anonymous1044's picture
Loving this class x
5 Apr, 2015
Anonymous2330's picture
Lovely opening and energizing class. I find this sequence revitalizing.returning to the gate was lovely as I haven't practiced this for a while. Beautiful thank you x
19 Mar, 2015
Anonymous2001's picture
Lovely class thank you x
1 Mar, 2015
Anonymous405's picture
Beautiful session …. nicely build up ! leaving me with new energy
1 Mar, 2015
Anonymous2996's picture
Really enjoyed this session. thank you.


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