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The Windmill Breath - intro

10 mins

This simple yet very effective breathing technique is perfect preparation for pranayama practices.

This breathing technique is the first in a series to explore the use of pranayama, or breath control, on the Online Studio. The Windmill breath is a very simple yet important preparation for pranayama. 
Now, the great thing about the windmill is that everyone can have a go! It doesn't take an advanced yoga practitioner and you don't have to be super bendy! It is also suitable for any age. So, before we start why not take off your shoes - especially if you are outside, and feel the grass under your feet!

The purpose of the windmill is to open your chest and expand it so that you breath more openly and deeply. I also strengthen the diaphragm, stretches the neck muscles and loosens up the shoulder blades.

stage 1  Listen and follow Nanna as she teaches you how to synchronise your breath with a gently twist. Establish this simple rhythm first before stage 2.

stage 2  Raise the right arm, then the left - a relaxed front crawl without the water! Note the simple pause between twists where you can simply hold of the breath momentarily. Keep working with the right side for a few breaths. conciously opening and expanding the right side of your lungs
stage 3 repeat with the left arm raising on the in breath.

There is so much more to learn and explore in the Windmill breath. In the next class on the windmill Nanna will introduce the concept of ratio breathing to further enhance the overall effect of this fantastic breathing technique.





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Members' comments:

7 Feb, 2019
Anonymous12781's picture
Beautifully simple and effective movement. This was a great reminder x
25 Jan, 2019
Anonymous12377's picture
Nanna LOVE I cann't wait for the WINDMILL BREATH variations!
3 Jul, 2018
Anonymous535's picture
Love the way you teach this and build up the movements step by step, thank you Nanna for another beautiful class X
24 Apr, 2018
Anonymous168's picture
A great session Nanna, thank you. I think this is lovely breathing technique.


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