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Tone Up for Summer Series: Class 1

50 mins

Welcome to Tone Up for Summer series! Make your yoga work for you in this class by strengthening and toning the muscles in the Sun Sequence (Surya Namaskara).

Discover how to use the Power breath and isotonics and isometrics as a powerful and effective way to enhance all your yoga postures and sequences. A perfect way to use the vitality and energy of the summer months.

And then after working hard enjoy a deep relaxation.


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Members' comments:

8 Aug, 2012
Anonymous193's picture
Great! Surya Namaskara and kapalbhati toghether. Feeling cleansed and engerised. Thank you!
4 Aug, 2012
Anonymous99's picture
Brilliant Annie, I loved it - it pushed me but WOW it was great. Thanks Love Elaine PS have you got Shares in Kleenex?!!****!!!
17 Jul, 2012
Anonymous1402's picture
Wow if I continue to do this one I might actually get to doing Surya Namaskara with Mantras (I need to take things by degrees)... thanks Annie
14 Jul, 2012
Anonymous354's picture
That was great!so creative yet simple and so much energy flow! Isurvived the whole hour .....phew! Thanks Annie
17 Jun, 2012
Anonymous1925's picture
Thanks Annie, just what I needed today.x


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