Waterfall class with Monica Staniforth

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Waterfall Class

58 mins

Filmed on location near Llanberis in North Wales - this cooling and soothing class will make you feel as right as rain!

This class a 60 min session to help you to centre and re-connect to nature. First we focus on awakening the heart centre with Energy Block Release 3 and then the Earth Sequence which helps us to feel grounded and deeply connected to ourselves and the world around us. We then enjoy the graceful, soothing Moon Sequence to connect you to the element of water. 

Next let's add a bit of spice with the Dru Power Sequence - a wonderful strong way to create depth and transformation both physically and emotionally. Use this sequence to help you feel empowered and at one with your vision in life - creating a deep sense of strength and endurance.

Then.. you guessed it! Complete with a nurturing deep relaxation to allow you to anchor and settle.

This class includes:

  • Activation - stepping forward & back - opening the lungs and chest
  • Skiing F/B bend
  • Dynamic twist into a Fig of 8
  • Side lunges
  • EBR 3 - a flowing sequence to Awaken the Heart centre
  • Earth Sequence
  • Moon Sequence
  • Dru Power Sequence
  • Savansana (deep relaxation)



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Members' comments:

22 Jul, 2019
Anonymous4664's picture
Really nice. x
20 Jul, 2019
Anonymous177's picture
Such a beautiful gentle flowing class thank you Monica, it helps me to feel a total sense of wellbeing xx
18 Jul, 2019
Anonymous11263's picture
Thanks Monica, this class is a ray of sunshine in my day:-)


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